HelvetiaCon  is an open event to help bring people together to play RPG games. This prompts us to ensure that our events are inclusive, and therefore sensitive, in order to be safe for all to enjoy.

If you need a quick rule of thumb for everything below, here is a summary:


Every attendee deserves to feel:

  • Safe

  • Comfortable, and

  • Respected

Therefore, no attendee has a right to:

  • Threaten

  • Diminish, or

  • Extinguish...


...those feelings via their:

  • Dress

  • Words, or

  • Actions.


All participants are expected to abide by the following rules. You may be revoked attendance without discussion if found to breach any of these.


  1. Attendees under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a supervising adult at all times.

  2. HelvetiaCon is a sober, drug-free event. Feel free to enjoy libations at any after-parties, off-site, subject to local laws.

  3. Aggressive behavior and/or theft are never acceptable. Engaging in these will result in immediate ejection from the event. Local police will be notified of such behavior.

  4. Respect our space and hosts. Please keep areas of egress clear of congestion, maintain respectful noise levels, do not run, do not litter, do not damage the venue or GamePlace property, or post unauthorized materials on venue property (including stickers!). Please follow any policies set by the venue. Event staff will comply with any requests by the venue to remove attendees due to a violation of their policies.

  5. HelvetiaCon has an attendee Safety & Inclusion Policy. It also has a comprehensive Anti-Harassment Policy. All attendees are expected to read and follow each of them. Failure to adhere to both could result in ejection from the event without a refund, and even a ban from attending future Switzerland Roleplaying Games events.

  6. Event staff reserve the right to remove attendees from a game or the event as a whole, at any time, any attendee whose conduct is determined to be disruptive and/or unsafe. Event staff will take every reasonable step to avoid reaching this level of action prior to removing any attendee from the convention.



  1. Please remember that the vast majority of material in the venue is owned by GamePlace, your fellow hosts, who extend their trust to the attendees. We expect you to respect and honour that trust by caring them and being honest in your dealings with the venue.

  2. Please avoid eating food while browsing through. If you do eat food while playing you should accept that any resultant damage to the components is your responsibility. Parents: if you allow your children to eat while playing the game, you are responsible for any said damage.



Gaming is a social activity! Please take the time to ensure you can enjoy yourself and not reduce the enjoyment of others. Get plenty of sleep, eat regular meals and hydrate during the day. Although it feels awful to say this, and most attendees don’t need to hear it, please ensure you and your garments are clean and laundered respectively. Phew! Let us never speak of this again.


We would like to welcome you all to HelvetiaCon! Our staff of volunteers and sponsors have worked very hard to make this convention happen. We couldn’t have done it without your help! HelvetiaCon is, above all else, about creating an inclusive gaming community where everyone can feel safe to be themselves while playing the types of games they enjoy. As part of maintaining that community, we would like everyone to agree to the following as guidelines for our behavior.

  1. We agree that no form of harassment (insults, stalking, bullying, unwanted touching, etc) or discrimination (by gender, race, disability, etc) will be tolerated. We will abide by the Switzerland Roleplaying Games anti-harassment policy and report any harassment or discrimination to event staff.

  2. We will all refrain from using language that can be considered homophobic, sexist, transphobic, racist, ableist, etc. This includes slurs on sexuality, trans status, neurotype, physical ability and others. If you’re not sure, ask a staff member for advice!

  3. We will also avoid using offensive topics as a form of humor, such as making racist or sexual assault jokes. Employ the RED-Card (or equivalent) in RPG sessions.

  4. We will remain open and respectful when called out for saying something offensive or hurtful. This means we will:

    1. Listen to the person speaking and let them speak without interruption. If we do not understand, we will ask clarifying questions when they are done speaking.

    2. Believe that our behavior has negatively impacted another and not attempt to invalidate this.

    3. Remember that we are not being judged as individuals, but instead asked to reflect on ways our behavior may unintentionally impact others.

    4. Own our behavior and apologize.

    5. If all else fails, ask a volunteer or staff member to help mediate the situation.

    6. If somebody offends us, we will do our best to do the following:

      1. Find an appropriate time to pull them aside to discuss their behavior. If we are not comfortable doing this, we will notify a staff member so they can address the situation.

      2. Inform the person that what they have said or done is offensive and explain as best we can why.

      3. Try to help them understand how to avoid it in the future.

      4. Be open to forgiving the person for their mistake and helping them remain a part of our community.

      5. If all else fails, ask a staff member to help mediate the situation.

    7. We will, above all else, remember that our goal is to create a community for everyone. This should inform our actions when calling out the behavior of others or being called out for own own. We are all human beings who will make mistakes as part of our learning process. Our goal at HelvetiaCon is to foster this growth.

    8. We understand that there is no “right” to discriminate or actively make a space unsafe for others through our words and actions. We agree that there is no place for this mindset at HelvetiaCon, as it is counterproductive to our goals.

    9. If we have any criticism or concerns regarding anyone kind enough to donate their time to take part in HelvetiaCon, we will politely and ideally privately bring it up with them and ask if they would like to discuss it. If we are unable to or uncomfortable doing so, we will notify a staff member of our concerns so they can address it.

    10. We will strive to respect each other’s space and boundaries. We will ask before touching or taking any pictures of anyone. And we will politely respect anybody’s request for privacy or space.

    11. We acknowledge that we represent HelvetiaCon to the community hosting us and our behavior reflects upon HelvetiaCon as a whole. We agree to hold ourselves accountable for our actions.

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